#16360 Great sounding Wheatstone Aeola metal ended English concertina


Fully restored, 48 metal buttons, concertina pitch, 6 fold bellows, with original leather case.

#16017 Fine Jeffries 32 key concertina C/G

Bone button metal ends, 6 fold bellows. Fully refurbished by Nigel Sture. With mahogany hexagonal case. 

#14804 Beautiful Jeffries 46 key Anglo concertina

Extended metal ends. Fully refurbished. Comes with ill-fitting non-original case!

15326: A 72 key Wheatstone McCann Aeola duet

In excellent condition and includes the case.

Jeffries 39 key Anglo Concertina

Domed metal buttoned and metal ended, in C/G. New seven fold bellows, fully refurbished excellent condition with original case.

Steve also has a couple of really nice great sounding English concertinas for sale as follows:

13423 English Concertina by Wheatstone

This is a good 6 sided metal ended Wheatstone serial number 30080 made in 1924. Steel reeds, 6 new fold bellows, in excellent condition, concert pitch. No case but comes with original Sheffield United Football Club shop plastic bag and bubble wrap! Case can be arranged.

12813 Wheatstone English concertina

A very nice clean Wheatstone 6 sided rosewood ends, 5 fold bellows, steel reeds, superb condition. A good instrument for song accompaniment. Serial number 29335 made in 1922, concert pitch £2,000 and probably original leather case with original instructions.

9399 Lachenal 31 key Anglo

This is in almost mint condition rosewood ended 31 key anglo. Serial Number 198619, steel reeds, C/G still tuned in old pitch A452. Pristine condition, original Lachenal embossed hand straps. 6 fold bellows and mahogany case also in excellent condition, lacks carrying handle.

13280 Wheatstone English concertina

A really nice Wheatstone English 48 key treble number 35144 made Circa 1939. Metal buttons, ebony ends, concert pitch, 5 fold bellows, excellent condition plus case.

Please let Steve know if you need more details or would like to try one of these concertinas.

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