C966 - Good C Jeffries Anglo concertina

46 buttons, concert pitch, metal ends. 7 fold bellows, fully overhauled. Comes with flight case.

16874 Wheatstone Aeola treble 48 button English concertina - SOLD

Ebony ends, metal buttons, in concert pitch. Superb sound, fast action. Excellent condition. Original leather case. Serial no 34412 (1937)

14804 Beautiful Jeffries 46 key Anglo concertina

Extended metal ends. Fully refurbished. Comes with ill-fitting non-original case!

Jeffries 39 key Anglo concertina

Domed metal buttoned and metal ended, in C/G.  New seven fold bellows, fully refurbished in excellent condition with original case.

48 metal button treble English concertina system

A good ebony ended 48 metal button treble English concertina system Serial No 27052 (1916).  Concert pitch, 6 fold bellows.  Great playing instrument with what is  probably the original black leather case.

16017 Fine Jeffries 32 key concertina C/G - SOLD

Bone button metal ends, 6 fold bellows. Fully refurbished by Nigel Sture. With mahogany hexagonal case. 

9399 Lachenal 31 key Anglo

This is in almost mint condition rosewood ended 31 key anglo. Serial Number 198619, steel reeds, C/G still tuned in old pitch A452. Pristine condition, original Lachenal embossed hand straps. 6 fold bellows and mahogany case also in excellent condition, lacks carrying handle.

16360 Great sounding Wheatstone Aeola metal ended English concertina - SOLD

Fully restored, 48 metal buttons, concertina pitch, 6 fold bellows, with original leather case.

13423 English Concertina by Wheatstone - SOLD

This is a good 6 sided metal ended Wheatstone serial number 30080 made in 1924. Steel reeds, 6 new fold bellows, in excellent condition, concert pitch. No case but comes with original Sheffield United Football Club shop plastic bag and bubble wrap! Case can be arranged.

17478 English Wheatstone Aeola concertina Number 34523 (1937)

A fine rare and historically important Wheatstone aeola concertina specially made for Alf Edwards who was regarded as the leading light of the concertina revival in the 1950’s accompanying numerous folk music albums including working with Ewan MacColl and playing on the John Huston film Moby Dick (1956).

Customised gold coated 6 fold bellows, chrome plated ends.  Veneered fiddle back maple frame, 48 metal buttons, concert pitch.  Restored by C Wheatstone & Co in 2009.  The exterior of the instrument was left untouched and comes with what is probably the original leather case.

This is a really fast and great sounding professional standard instrument.  Could do with the bellows re-gilding!

13280 Wheatstone English concertina

A good Wheatstone English system concertina with rosewood ends, 48 domed metal buttons, 5 fold bellows, concert pitch, serial number 29335 (1922). Fast action, sweet sound.  Ideal accompanying instrument.  Excellent condition, fully overhauled, with case.

17356 Wheatstone English system concertina

Beautiful early Wheatstone English system concertina, made in 1855, serial number 8293.  Rosewood ends with inlaid decoration, 48 flat silver-topped metal buttons, five fold original gold embossed green bellows and original gold embossed thumb straps.  Concert pitch, steel reeds.  This is a really sweet sounding instrument, ideal for song accompaniment, with original rosewood fitted case.

17358 Lachenal Ediophone 56 key concertina

Good 56 ley Lachenal Ediophone tenor treble English system concertina.  Metal ends, steel reeds, concert pitch, 6 fold bellows.  Recent complete overhaul.  Plays well, near new condition with case. 

16892 Boyd Lachenal 48 key concertina

A superb Boyd Lachenal 48 key raised metal ended English concertina. Fast action, great tone, 5 fold bellows, concert pitch. This is a great playing instrument in perfect condition, fully restored by Nigel Sture.

6549 Lachenal Anglo concertina in C/G

Lachenal Anglo concertina in C/G.  Rosewood ends, 30 bone buttons, steel reeds, concert pitch, 6 fold bellows. Fully restored, with case. 

12031 Good 6 sided Lachenal English system concertina

Good 6 sided raised metal ended treble English system concertina, concert pitch, 5 fold bellows.  Fast action, great sound, recently refurbished by Nigel Sture – new pads, valves, bushes, etc., and case (of sorts!)

15293 Anglo concertina by "The Irish Concertina Company" - SOLD

£1500 (RRP £2750)
Anglo concertina by The Irish Concertina Company “The Clare” model.  Walnut ends, 30 metal buttons, brass accordion reeds, concert pitch, 6 fold bellows.  Ideal session instrument.  Condition as new, with fitted hard case. 

14799 Fine and rare Jeffries Bros Piccolo Anglo concertina

Fine & rare Jeffries Bros Piccolo concertina with 27 metal buttons, embossed 7 fold bellows, concert pitch, steel reeds. Fully renovated. Condition as new, with soft case. 

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