Late Cut Reviews

Introducing Steve Turner's new album LATE CUT

This is Steve’s 8th album. It was released in January 2019 on Tradition Bearers label and features Eliza earthy, Martin Simpson and Sam Carter

Late Cut Album Cover


This is a recording that can only be made by and artist with maturity; an artist who has lived, laughed, loved, lost and survived. This is music that exists in a timeless realm, as is the case with all great music recorded with love, mastery and sincerity. Steve Turner should raise his bat to the crowd.

Danny Neill, Folk Radio UK


“Every track in this album is a jewel”

Vicki Swan, EFN Magazine


“When it comes to folk music, you can’t get any better than Steve Turner in my opinion. This could well be one of my all-time favourite folk albums. I think I’ll just play it again! “This is without doubt Steve Turner’s masterpiece” – I would have to agree. What a fantastic legacy”

Ken Stott, Midlands Folk Monthly – May 2019

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